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Death and dying. Grief and loss. These are topics we tend to avoid talking or even thinking about, and yet they are inarguably universal experiences, often made more painful through silence and isolation. What would it be like to courageously lean into the conversation around death and loss, to bring it out of the shadows, as a way of showing up for each other and ourselves in our most painful hours, and honoring the truth and fullness of our humanity?

Starting the Conversation

Grief Support Resources

Grief support resources for different types of grievers, including adults, children, neighbors, co-workers, and friends. Specific resources also provided for grief during COVID-19 and grieving in pop culture.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking

A podcast by Nora McInerny that asks people how they really are. Heartfelt, direct, often funny, and always real, many (but not all) episodes explore people's experiences of grief and loss.

There is No Good Card for This

Ever have no idea what to say when life is harsh and unfair and painful and awful for people you care about? Emily McDowell has written a book and created greeting cards just for this. Learn about her work in the NPR interview linked below.

What to Do if You're Terrified of Getting Older

Article by Dan Harris on the surprising benefits of contemplating one's mortality.

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