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Connect with Nature

How often do you remember that we, as human beings, are not outside observers of nature, but rather part of it? It's no wonder that research has continued to demonstrate how connecting with the more than human world  offers a host of benefits to our well-being - not to mention the planet's. Explore topics like forest bathing, nature advocacy, the intelligence of trees, and interconnection of individual, community, and planetary health.

Books, Articles, Videos & More

The Secret Life of Trees

Explore the rapidly-expanding science behind understanding trees as social beings who feel, communicate, and work together. Peter Wohlleben's book "The Hidden Life of Trees" is one such avenue.

Nature Deficit Disorder

NDD is a term coined by Richard Louv in his book Last Child in the Woods (2005), and not a medical diagnosis. Research in this area explores how wellbeing can be enhanced by exposure to nature, even in urban and virtual settings.


Humorous video from the folks at NatureRx on the modern-day need for a nature prescription.

Forest Bathing Article

Exploring art and science of forest bathing, with suggestions for practice - no matter where you live.

Forest Bathing Meditation

A short and simple forest bathing meditation video from Kripalu director Micah Mortali.

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