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My background is in applied psychophysiology, which focuses on the interaction between psychological (e.g., thoughts, emotions, values, personal histories, social contexts) and physiological (e.g., chemical, physical, neurobiological) processes. This is sometimes called the "mind-body connection," although science and human experience show us that "mind" and "body" are inherently inseparable, connected in ways we are only just beginning to understand.

The fields of integrative health, public health, and health equity are also profoundly changing the way we think about health and healing. We now know that our health and healing is not just affected by the interacting systems within our bodies, but also by the systems in which we exist - and, in turn, also affect. This interconnection

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Practice Philosophy

These realities are at the core of my work, which focuses on cultivating relationships with our bodies, minds, selves, environments, and communities that support and nurture our well-being. Essential to this practice is  acknowledging, accessing, and building upon the vast internal resources that we already possess - some of which have been acquired over the course of our lives, and some of which are hard-wired into our nervous systems, but may as of yet be unknown to us.

My practice philosophy is founded on the fundamental integrity and wholeness of each human being - that we inherently make sense; that our feelings and behaviors arise out of a particular set of conditions, and we are who we are in the world because of the circumstances that have shaped us.
Whatever the path, taking steps in the direct of our own nourishment and values takes courage.

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